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  • Casa Hogar Girls School

    This school takes in girls from all over Peru that have been through abuse, abandonment and other issues. 5 Star has helped build their school and provide much needed supplies.

  • Winter Warmth Drive

    Just on the outskirts of Gallup, New Mexico is a Navajo Nation school called Wildcat Christian Academy. 5 Star's donations have brought them warm winter clothing, basic supplies and educational material.

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    FEBE Orphanage

    Located in Manado, Indonesia with 120+ children and growing. 5 Star's support provided the kids of FEBE with basic needs, including mattresses and bedding so they wouldn't have to sleep on wooden slats. Also, helping them further their education.

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    Driya Raba Orphanage

    Located in Bali, Indonesia, has 100+ children between the ages of 8-18. They are orphaned and more than 50 of them are blind. 5 Star has teamed with the orphanage to provide them with basic needs throughout the year.

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    Now I Can Foundation

    Helps families access treatment for children with disabilites. Hundreds of families lives have been changed as their children reach previously unrealized goals. Each year 5 Star helps support this organization.

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    Natural Disasters Relief

    5 Star has provided critical relief to natural disasters around the world. To name a few...The most deadly Typhoon in Philppines history, Devasting earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Indonesia earthquakes.

  • Makabata Foundation School

    Home to more than 140+ children in Manila, Philippines. 5 Star helps them with scholarships and assistance for day-to-day operations. What's more, these kids receive good quality food each day.

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