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5 Star Legacy Foundation

5 Star Legacy Foundation exists to alleviate the suffering of children, their families, and their communities by breaking the cycle of poverty through three initiatives:

  • Literacy for children in grades k-12
  • Hope through scholarships for higher education
  • Self-reliance through entrepreneurism

Literacy for children in grades k-12
Our mission is to provide literacy help for children in the form of books and other educational products as well as providing cash donations for them.

We take special interest in the needs of children without parents they can rely on, as well as the institutions that hold custodial guardianship of them. Where we have been made aware of them, these orphanages, hospitals, and other entities receive financial and other support from 5SLF.

Hope through scholarships for higher education
This includes identifying those deserving young men and women who are top performers in school but have no way to afford the next level of education and provide them with micro-loans and grants. The support they will receive from 5 Star Legacy Foundation is in the form of financial aid. Each student is accountable for their performance with regular reports on their progress.

Self-reliance through entrepreneurism
Oftentimes, trade support is an ideal solution to breaking the poverty cycle. It has been shown through the success of the Grameen Bank concept that many of the world's most impoverished people can sustain themselves through plying trades they are somewhat familiar and have a reasonable expectation of building out a business that meets a demand for that trade. Following this model, 5 Star Legacy Foundation offers micro-loans to specific individuals who show they can take a small amount of seed capital and invest it toward infrastructure that enables them to make a living. The individuals are accountable to repay these funds on terms they work out with 5SLF.

In addition, 5SLF also offers entrepeneurship education so individuals are better able to take the initiative and create business opportunities of their own.

5 Star Legacy Foundation also supports the initiatives of other organizations philanthropic ventures where deemed of interest and worthy of 5SLF resources. One such initiative is Synergy WorldWide's annual Winter Warmth Drive conducted on behalf of the Navajo Nation in New Mexico, USA. This project brings together food, cash, warm clothing, blankets, books and other literacy support, as well as other basic necessities to support these communities.

5 Star Legacy Foundation was founded by Mark Comer.

5 Star Legacy Foundation complies with all IRS standards of a 501(c)(3) and tax-exempt status has been applied for with the IRS.

5 Star Legacy Foundation
5255 W. 11000 N. #225
Highland, UT 84003

We need your help

Let's Make A Difference Now!

Your involvement in 5 Star Legacy Foundation is appreciated at the level you are most comfortable. The hope is that you feel it is important to be involved over time. The concept of leaving a legacy is about what contribution you make in a lasting way that makes an impact on the lives of others.



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